Archers softball team preparing for 2012 season

The Montage published a shortened version of this article on February 8, 2012.

Practices are in full swing for the softball team as they prepare for their inaugural season as the STLCC Archers.

During the process of consolidating athletic teams last year all across STLCC, it was decided that Meramec would host the softball team. Along with becoming accustomed to new uniforms, new teammates and a new head coach’s voice, the 2012 STLCC Archers look to bring their talents together.

“I didn’t think [consolidating the teams] was a bad idea, because by combining all the teams, you will be taking the best players out of each school to create better teams for all sports,” freshman outfielder Kayla Becktol said.

However, not all of the players were as pleased as Becktol with the athletic department’s decision. In fact, just seven of the 21 freshmen from last year’s individual teams returned to play under the new format, including pitcher Dani Whitehead.

Whitehead, who played for the Meramec Magic last season, garnered first team all-region honors after racking up 50 strikeouts. She briefly transferred last fall.

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