Talkin’ Pucks-Will Maetzold (March 8)

MARCH 8-Full Show

This week’s guest: WIll Maetzold

SEGMENT 1-Show Open

The Blues are for real; It’s good to see Halak emerge as this team’s legitimate goaltender; Halak & Elliot have been driving force behind this PK streak; Detroit is slumping which is always good; Folks who make NHL schedule are morons; Who’s the team MVP (other than Halak & Elliot)?

SEGMENT 2-Will Maetzold

Will Maetzold, video producer for the Columbus Blue Jackets joins the show to talk chances of Rick Nash being a Jacket next season (he thinks they’re real good) and CBJ’s horrific season

SEGMENT 3-Eastern Conference

Let’s take a stroll around the NHL; There’s a good chance Washington misses the playoffs; Ovi is getting fat; Hopefully Crosby can stay healthy; Pittsburgh organization has a completely different (and better) culture to it than Washington’s; NHL should learn from the PGA and Tiger Woods;

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It Don’t Come Easy: A Recap of Half a Season of Hockey

Image: Christian Petersen, Getty Images

It might look like the Blues are firing on all cylinders right now, but getting to that point was no easy task. Winning in the NHL never is. The Blues fought through injuries, a murderous Western Conference, a lackluster start, and a coaching change in the first half of the season to sit at 56 points through 43 games, in firm possession of a playoff spot at the moment, heading into tonight’s tilt at home against the quickly fading Minnesota Wild.

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