Beyond a Calculated Risk: Concussions in the NHL an Epidemic

The first assignment in my Feature Writing class was to cover a hard-news story. Being the sports nerd that I am, I decided to report on concussions in the NHL.

My report includes data on the number of concussions in the NHL since its internal study concluded in 2004. For those interested, I linked each article/website referenced in my feature and included audio from the interviews I conducted for this story.

The NHL is not the most transparent professional sports organization, especially when it comes to an issue like this. So, for the graph on the number of concussions since 2004, I had to pull data from three different independent sources, therefore, the numbers may be a bit higher from the ones released by the NHL (if and when they do so).

Since the final product was almost 1700 words, I decided to split it into two parts to make it a bit easier to read online.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue, as well as any thoughts or criticisms of my article. Enjoy!

Part 1: A Mind-Boggling Issue

Part 2: The Double-Edged Sword

Part 3: Interviews