Talkin’ Pucks-Trade Deadline Special (February 27)

February 27-FULL SHOW

This week’s guest: Kevin Lorenz

SEGMENT 1-Kevin Lorenz

InsideSTL Blues’ writer Kevin Lorenz joins the program to talk about deadline deals; Ben Bishop is being sent to Ottawa’s AHL affiliate, that’s surprising; Blues’ ownership situation is a lot worse than people think; CBJ simply wanted too much for Nash; Nashville didn’t make any sense; Seems like Rangers did all they could to land Nash; Preds are good, but not good enough to knock off Detroit; What’s going on in Minnesota?; Rank your three deadline winners

Kevin was kind enough to give Talkin’ Pucks/HSB a plug Tuesday night during his appearance on The Joe Roderick Show on Team 1380. You can listen to that clip here!

SEGMENT 2Blues Talk

Happy birthday Trevor!; Blues did exactly what everyone thought they would…nothing; Ben Bishop is going to the AHL; I guess it doesn’t matter to us anymore; Is the ownership situation that bad?; All NHL teams lower revenue numbers because of pending labor negotiations;


Trevor and Brian break down the major moves from Monday’s trade deadline


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