Cam Janssen’s agent Scott Norton unveils “Make My Day Mondays”

Cam Janssen (R) with agent Scott Norton

The recent economic downturn has affected many people financially. Strapped for cash, almost everyone has been counting their pennies and saving whenever possible. Unfortunately, these cutbacks normally include eliminating donations to the poor. However, when it comes to helping the less fortunate, contributions can go beyond simply donating money to a charity or giving cash to a homeless person. That is the focal point of sports agent Scott Norton’s new program called “Make My Day Mondays.”

Every Monday people are encouraged to do something to help out a person in need. Whether it is something simple like helping an elderly person cross the street or something more time consuming like helping to renovate an old house, the focus of Scott’s plan is not on any sort of specific dollar amount or goal. Instead, people are encouraged to behave with a sense of strong morality and support for their community.

“People feel they can not give enough, so they don’t give at all. Many people get phone calls and letters from various charitable organizations asking for amounts that are out of their range, and because there is a recession they feel its excusable not to give, but its not,” said Norton. “We should help, but be allowed to offer what we can, even if its only a dollar or five minutes of our time.”

Norton uses both his clients and the social media to spread the word about his new venture. Two of his clients, Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown (@DustinBrown23) and St. Louis Blues tough guy Cam Janssen (@CamJanssen55), utilize Twitter to spread the word about Make My Day Mondays.

The use of Twitter to spread the word about Make My Day Mondays is not just limited to these two athletes, however. Search for the hash-tag #MMDM on Twitter to see the hundreds of people who have already started participating.

It is important to understand that the point of explaining what you did for MMDM on Twitter is not to simply brag about yourself. The point of using a site like Twitter is to spread the word about MMDM. Explaining what you did to your followers, gives them an idea of what the program is all about.

Sports agent Scott Norton

The motivation behind having athletes tweet about their good deed is the same. Having high-profile athletes like Janssen and Brown tell their fans what they did, exemplifies the meaning of the program.

“We want people not to merely try to imitate a players slap shot, but a player’s good will,” said Norton.

With the amount of bad publicity surrounding athletes these days, it is important to recognize those who are doing the right thing and Make My Day Mondays exemplifies some of those athletes.

Scott Norton is the president and founder of Norton Sports Management. He has been an NHL player agent for 17 years. You can follow Scott on Twitter @NortonSports.


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