Interview with Vahe Gregorian now posted

"In one sense, the governor, and I don’t think it was a deal breaker, but some of the governor’s comments weren’t helpful. I think it was fine for the governor to say 'we have to listen to the Big Ten, the academic prestige, etc.' but where he went wrong and offended people was when he singled out Oklahoma State and Texas Tech."

Interview with St. Louis Post Dispatch writer Vahe Gregorian now posted under the Interview section.

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New interview posted

"I wouldn’t have too much faith in the Big 12 being stable long term...not a lot has changed for the schools that were disappointed in how things were going and I don’t know how happy this group of ten is going to be together for the long haul...I wouldn’t count on everybody staying happy forever."

Interview with Columbia Daily Tribune & Behind the Stripes blog writer Dave Matter now posted under the interview page.

Blues open offseason with a bang

The Blues sent forwards Lars Eller and Ian Schultz to Montreal on Thursday for goalie Jaroslav Halak.

They never talked to us about the possibility of a new deal or staying in Montreal, but it never happened. That’s why the news I got today was a little bit surprising for me. It was still early and also that’s why I was surprised — it came early. But I’m really excited about the new start.-Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak

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